A little bit about me...


I've been a student of  the Arcane and mysterious for more than a decade with my passion and focus being Wizardry. It can be said that I enjoy the bardic arts and, if I'm honest, I often find myself telling a tale to any who will listen. I am of course also a lover of philosophy, and pondering the greater mysteries such as, "What is the meaning of life?", and the classic "What's for Dinner...".  To the matter of Wizards being "know it alls"... I'll concede to that as a partial fact. It should be noted that I don't believe a good Wizard needs to actually know everything about everything, only that they should have a means of finding out...

Having grown up with the Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard as my constant companion, I would dare to consider myself a true Wizard at heart, and a child of the teachings endorsed by the Grey School. I am honored to have been welcomed onto the GSW faculty in the summer of 2017 at the age of twenty three,
becoming the youngest Professor to ever teach at the school,
An accomplishment I take great pride in.  


My day to day is filled with teaching at the Grey School as a Professor in the department of Wizardry, serving faithfully as Apprentice to Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and Provost of the Grey School. I've also been known to found magickal orders and undertaking other such projects of intrigue as need be/whim demands.

Though Perhaps most importantly about a Wizard is their favorite quote,
and I would be remiss if I failed to share mine:


 “The Difference between a rock and a stepping stone, is how it's used."