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Well met,

The time has come for me to begin looking for my next Apprentice. Apprenticeship under me is not for the faint of heart and will require both hard work as well as determination.  While I can't promise you'll love every second, I can promise that it will be a positive transformative experience and a look into Wizardry that few seldom have the chance to partake in.

So, whats on offer here? Why apprentice with me?

Good Questions!

This Apprenticeship offers free room and board and of course Lessons with me as we explore what it means to be a Wizard in the world today, which needless to say will be a journey of transformation and discovery in and of itself! Apprenticeship with me here at the Manor also provides my Apprentice with free access to GSW in person Classes, Access to Grey School Conclaves and other in person events on the physical campus, Random Chess duels with yours truly, and access to the Manor's Library and Workshop. What's more the Position also provides an opportunity of obtaining a Staff position at the Grey School helping take care of the physical grounds. This position pays a very modest Stipend of $100 dollars a month, though it's real benefits is the GSW Working Scholarship also granted by the position.


Apprentices will need to be willing to live here at the Manor and the ideal candidate would be someone wanting a career in Grey School/Wizardry. Those looking to apply should be organized, self-motivated, dedicated, and capable of living in a
communal environment.


If this sounds like an opportunity you might be interested in,
you can apply below.

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