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Greetings Wizard-To-Be!

Each year's recipient will be announced on Beltane (Wednesday, May first), both on Facebook as well as in an Email to the winner.
Good luck Would-be apprentices,
I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Well met to you, brave would-be apprentice!

Each year it is my pleasure to offer a young prospective student one full  year to the Grey School of Wizardry as a Youth Apprentice
. This of course means that only those between the ages of Eleven and Seventeen may apply for this particular scholarship.

Though the acquiring of this scholarship is no easy task, I have every confidence in you and your ability to impress! Your Quest, should you wish to take on the challenge, is to write a one thousand word essay on one of the prompts provided below.  Remember to take your time and double check your work before submitting as the first version of your submission received will be the one considered.

Be sure to ask a Parent or Guardian before submitting any information online.

Wizard-To-Be Scholarship
Prompt Selection

Your message has been sent via the fastest virtual owls and will be arriving in my inbox shortly!

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