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Well met Mr. Follmer

I hope that the day finds you in high spirits and good health.

I am writing to you today to offer you this formal invitation to Manor Kingsley in Whitehall New York for a formal Apprenticeship Interview. 

The Interview process consists of a few hours of conversation, a tour of the Manor, some light exploration of the grounds and perhaps even a game of chess if we've time. In the late evening you'll be tasked to walk up to the conclave grounds and there a decision will be made regarding whether or not you will embark on this grand adventure as my Apprentice.

 Should the decision be in favor you will begin your Apprenticeship the next day, with all the expectations of that position. Should it not go well, you'll be treated to a fine breakfast and sent to begin your journey home. 

While many have contacted me regarding the position of Apprentice few have possessed the necessary spark that Wizardry calls for. I believe that you do indeed have this spark, however I will note that this alone will not be enough to make it through the Wizardry Apprenticeship. It's hard work, and while I'm not keen on being "Surpassed" as you put it, I  do suspect you'll make one heck of a Wizard.

Please make any necessary appropriate personal arrangements prior to Arriving. Please also take note that an Average apprenticeship is 1-2 years in length. While that may seem a long time it is hardly a drop in the well of life. If you're keen to carry on and feel that Wizardry calls to you, The date of your Interview is: Jan 6th 2021, or Jan 13 2021

Please include in your response to this message which of these dates you would prefer. 

"The Difference between a rock and a Stepping Stone is how it is used." 

Baker of Brownies and Bringer of Treats!

We've have had interesting foods all over our Country and from all round the world, and I have to say those were some of the best brownies either of us have had in a long while.
Thank you!

I wanted to offer you something in kind, although I'm afraid I would embarrassed myself if I tried to match your talent in baking. And so, in place of sweets I offer you this story to go along side the attached gift.

This is a tale about Unicorns...
Now I know what you're thinking, "Oh Great, Unicorns? What am I two?" But I assure you that the Unicorn of this Story is uniquely interesting,
as he was Real.

Our tale begins roughly half a century ago during the 1960's as a Wizard and Witch set off on an adventure around the world to find interesting things and fascinating people. Their names were Oberon and Morning Glory, and they did indeed find many things in their travels that would cause one to raise their brow inquisitively. 

Perhaps one of their most interesting discoveries was their finding of old Instructions on how to raise a very unique kind of Goat that was used for protecting the herd against the dangers of night during ancient times. These Goats, with a single horn in the center of their heads, long beards, cloven hooves and Iconic tails became a symbol of the noble defender to the ancients and eventually morphed into the Horse-like Unicorn imagery we know today. 

Having these Instructions, the Witch and the Wizard set out to raise their own Living unicorns. They were successful at it as well! For several years the unicorn "Lancelot" traveled with the circus around the United states to the delight of children and adults alike.  

As with all things however, the memory of these interesting creatures is again slipping back into the murky waters of history, where facts are often mistaken for myth. With this letter is the Last of the statues of Lancelot, which I had been intending to find a good home for. I think that it will be in good hands with you, treasure it well!

Best Wishes,

Nicholas Kingsley
(Arthur sends his best as well!)


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