Christopher Draven


Christopher is twenty years old and has an interesting past. He grew up in Savannah Georgia but was born in Houston Texas and lived there for 5 years. His story starts when he was adopted from birth, his birth mother and birth father being to young to take care of a child.

Taken in by a Christian family, Christopher went to church every Sunday and was given a good stable home to grow in. His school life was not so easy however. He struggled with disabilities such as dyslexia and some others that, frankely, I’m not sure how to spell. However it was during his time in school that Christopher, while faced with challenges, was also provided with Experiences that would prove to be fertile ground for growth and transformation.

 Christopher was different than his classmates and displayed a great deal of creativity; Something that was noticed and not always appreciated by his peers. While all the other kids were interested in sports he was interested in making home videos that he would later post on YouTube.

One of the biggest challenges he faced was bullying. Once Christopher got to middle school the bullying really started in turn, and eventually he had to transfer to a public school in his town and there he would learn how to stand up for himself. By starting to fight back instead of just taking the bullying, Christopher was able to exercise his agency and begin to carve a place for himself.

 During his time in middle school he met a homeschooled kid named Owen and together they would start posting on YouTube. The two quickly became fast friends and a strong bond developed between them, as they began hanging out everyday. Overtime they became best friends and still remain close to this day.

When Christopher hit high school things only got harder. He wasn’t doing well in school and, in particular, struggled to understand the math that was being assigned. While the darkest of arts  (math) gave him pause, He was particularly good at science and history, enjoying the subjects immensely.

When he was 14,  Christopher started researching witchcraft and other esoteric teachings. Daunted by the vastness of his new chosen field of interest, he didn’t know where to begin! Christopher ended up studying tarot and runes online and eventually managed to forge a pretty decent craft of his own, doing readings for others in his local community of family and friends.

However, when he was 17 things started going wrong for him. Unbenounced to Christopher, he was struggling with a case of undiagnosed bipolar. This was a challenge for him. During this time He ran away from home on a few occasions and even dropped out of high school due to the frustrations he was facing.

As any WIzard worth their salt will tell you, You need a strong community if you wish to face the world. Luckly, Christopher had really good friends that noticed what was going on and supported him in the ways he needed most.


At the age of 19 Christopher, after two years of struggle, was finally able to feel in control of his life and was ready to get going on the rest of his journey. At the Age of 20, he applied for Apprenticeship with myself and was accepted after displaying some most WIzardly Behavior. 

Christopher is now comfortably living in Whitehall NY. in the Highspire Manor, where he is learning the trade of the Modern Wizard while also serving the Grey School of Wizardry as the Physical Campus Grounds Keeper.