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The word "Wizard" for many conjures up images of great sages in flowing robes, adorned with long grey beards, or a young boy with a scar on his forehead, perhaps even of kings and queens from far off lands and the stuff of fantasy. However, luckily for me, Wizardry is quite real. In fact, Wizards are far closer than you think, you may already know one.. There are some who mistakenly believe that Wizardry is an exclusive club for only the powerful and the wealthy, or that it is only for elders, or only for men. Well that's just poppycock! A Wizard can be young, or old, fat or skinny, tall or short, man or woman. So long as you are dedicated to making the world a better place, building positive relationships, showing integrity in your actions and serving the communities you are a part of, you too can be a Wizard.

The most common questions I'm asked while on the road are:

"Is Wizardry just for men?"

Of course not! Wizardry is, as I mentioned above, about being wise. Now, I'm not sure about you, but I certainly know quite a few very wise women. Indeed I would be remiss to not mention that I am well aware of how they have shaped my life and helped me to become the man, and Wizard, I am today. Wisdom, and by extension Wizardry is not bound to one sex or the other, it is available to all who have the patience to seek it.

"What is it, that Wizards do?" 
A perfectly fair question! Wizardry is the pursuit of wisdom with the aim of serving the communities of which we are apart, and to promote lasting and positive change. This means that the Wizard has many roles to fill, they can be a guide, a champion, a mentor, a healer, a friend, or even an asshole when the time calls for such things... All in all a Wizard is what His or Her community needs them to be. 


"Do you do house cleansings / give Advice?""
I do! I am always happy to help those who are looking for a clean home or a little advice. I don't usually charge for Cleansings and Blessings if it is close by, though if I have a ways for travel, then some costs apply.  As for Advice or "Life Coaching" well that's not unheard of either, after all, I am a Wizard!
Let me know how I can help, by going to the contact page

"How can I contact you to give a talk at my shop / gathering?"
I can be contacted for talks and gatherings here on my website, believe it or not. Simply navigate to the "contact" portion of the website and fill in the empty fields. As a rule I don't charge for my talks on Wizardry so long as they are with-in an Hour driving distance of Whitehall New York, where I call home. Outside of that Charges will reflect mileage and lodging if necessary.


"Where can I learn more about Wizardry?"
As it so happens I have an answer ready for just such a question...
The Grey School of Wizardry is an online school of Wizardry which divides magickal topics into sixteen departments. The school is a seven level, work at your own pace system, with over five hundred classes and some fairly well mustached professors...


You can learn more about the Grey School by Clicking the Link Below.



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